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What changes between Macbook Air M1 and Air M2?

Classic design or midnight “fashion-forward”?

In short:

  • Design: The MacBook Air M2 presents a new modern and subtle design, while the M1 maintains a classic design.
  • Display: The M2 offers a brighter and sharper Liquid Retina XDR display than the Retina display on the M1.
  • Performances: The M2 outperforms the M1 thanks to its more powerful CPU and GPU, offering superior performance.
  • Memory and Storage: Both models offer 8GB of unified memory, but the M2 has greater bandwidth and can support up to 24GB of memory. The storage starts at 256GB and goes up to 2TB for both models.
  • Porte: The M2 offers greater connectivity flexibility with additional ports, including the Magsafe, compared to the M1.
  • Webcams and Speakers: The M2 has a 1080p resolution webcam and updated speakers for an improved audio experience.
  • Power and Battery: The M2 is more energy efficient and has a slightly larger battery, offering an extended user experience.
  • Prix: The M2 is slightly more expensive than the M1, but it offers advanced performance and functionality.

Let's dive deeper.

Well guys I would say that the time has come to compare two of Apple's gems: the MacBook Air M1 And the MacBook Air M2.

Which one is the best? Which Substantial differences they have?

Let's analyze together point by point the differences on design, performance, memory, storage, webcam, speakers, power and battery, and of course the price.

Let's cut to the chase on everything, no beating around the bush today.

Design and Display: The New Against the Classic

The MacBook Air M2 introduces a new design compared to the M1 model, an epochal turning point for Apple.

While the M1 model maintained a classic design, loved by many, the M2 has a more modern, subtle design with bright colors.

But the big news is in the display. The M2 has a display 13.3-inch Liquid Retina XDR, able to offer sharper and brighter images than the M1 Retina display. For those who make intensive use of the screen, the leap in quality is significant.

Performance: The Generational Leap

On the performance front, the M2 outperforms its predecessor. Thanks to his 10-core CPU and 10-core GPU, the M2 offers superior performance than the M1.

But the news doesn't stop there: the M2 integrates specific engines for video editing and a Neural Engine improved by 40%. This translates to significantly higher graphics and processing performance, making the M2 the ideal choice for those who use heavy video editing or graphics applications.

Memory and Storage: Space at Will

M1 and M2 offer the same 8GB unified memory as standard, but the memory bandwidth is greater in the M2. This means that theM2 can handle a greater amount of data faster than the M1. In addition, the M2 offers up to 24GB of memory, compared to 16GB of the M1. As for storage, both models start at 256GB, but can reach up to 2TB.

Doors: Greater Flexibility with the Air M2

Another important aspect to consider when comparing the MacBook Air M1 and M2 it's about connectivity. While the M1 is limited to two USB-C/Thunderbolt ports and a headphone jack, the new M2 stands out for greater flexibility. In addition to two Thunderbolt 4 ports, theM2 has a MagSafe port, used for charging.

The presence of the MagSafe port is particularly interesting, as it allows you to recharge the MacBook safely, thanks to the magnetic connection that comes off easily in the event of accidental tears.

This greater variety of ports makes the MacBook Air M2 more versatile and suitable for professional or creative use, where the need to connect different external devices is more frequent.

Webcams and Speakers: High Quality Video Calls and Audio

The webcam ofM2 offers a resolution of 1080p, a significant improvement compared to the 720p webcam of the M1 model. The M2's speakers have been updated and offer a 3D sound system, ensuring a high-quality sound experience.

Power and Battery: Energy Efficiency

The M2 stands out for its energy efficiency and its larger battery. Thanks to the new 67W power supply, the M2 can be recharged quickly, reaching 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

The Maximum battery life of the Macbook Air M2 is 17.5 hours, almost an hour and a half longer than the M1.

Price: Which One Is More Convenient?

The price difference between the two models is significant. While the MacBook Air M1 It is at a price between 800€ and 1000€, the MacBook Air M2 Instead, it starts at 1500€ for the model with an 8-core GPU, and goes up to almost 1900€ for the model with a 10-core GPU.

M1 vs M2: Which MacBook Air to Buy?

Choose between MacBook Air M1 And theM2 depends heavily on your intended use and budget.

If you are a user who mainly dedicates themselves to daily operations such as browsing the web, reading emails or viewing videos, the M1 could be a more than adequate choice.

With a lower price than the M2 model, theAir M1 still offers solid performance for these activities and could be the right choice if you want to enter the Apple ecosystem without spending too much.


On the other hand, if your needs are more advanced, such as video editing, photo editing, or if you plan to use heavier applications, the MacBook Air M2 It's absolutely worth the extra price. With a more modern design, superior performance, an improved display and a wide variety of ports, theM2 represents a significant step forward compared to its predecessor.


In addition, if the budget is not an issue, the top-of-the-range version of the M2 with 10-core GPU, more memory and greater storage capacity would be the ideal option, offering the maximum in terms of performance and Future Proofing.

In short, if you are simply looking for a good laptop and average performance, the MacBook Air M1 It's still a great car. But if you are looking for the best and want a device that keeps up with time, theM2 it is undoubtedly the right choice.

Make your choice based on your needs and budget, and enjoy the Apple experience with one of the best laptops on the market.

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