Hi! I'm
Giuseppe Legrottaglie

Supreme leader and founder of Madmantech.
I don't know about you but I have this madness in my head that When do we talk about technology I turn into a Super Saiyan!

You can trust me because .

No really, I am the UX Designer of some of the biggest web portals in Italy, a dragon to develop and I love technology in all its forms.

My Story

“I decided to launch Madmantech. for a breath of fresh air in a sea of Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews.”

Giuseppe Legrottaglie

Am I the only one sick of being harassed daily by senseless marketing? I understand that we must eat somehow but we have reached a point where, digital spaces such as Madmantech. They are really the only way we have to escape the daily social waste bin.

Madmantech. was born from the pure and true passion for technology, combining a love for innovation with experience, in fields such as UX Design and web development, to bring content that is as valid and sincere as possible, analyzed by the critical eye of a digital professional.


Giuseppe Legrottaglie, the author behind the rants of Madmantech.

Mad. Man. Tech. I am a bit crazy and all tech kid who has decided to make a job out of his passion, with the desire to change the world tattooed on his heart and the energy of a Super Sayan to actually do it.

Years of passion for technology
Some time studying the tech world
Spent on trying new products
Open and closed blogs because they are not as beautiful as Madmantech.
Giuseppe Legrottaglie