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New AirPods Pro 2nd Generation: USB-C Charging and Technical Features


In short:

Let's dive deeper.

Apple has just launched AirPods Pro second-generation, and guess what?

They've finally adopted USB-C charging!

It was about time, wasn't it?

But let's go in order.

Key Features

  1. USB-C charging: Now you can forget about all those different cables and use a single USB-C cable to charge just about everything: Mac, iPad, AirPods Pro and even the iPhone 15. Yes, you got it right, the iPhone 15 also has a USB-C connector. Revolutionary, isn't it?
  2. Lossless audio with Apple Vision Pro: These little gems will support lossless audio with ultra low latency. If you're an audiophile, this is music for your ears!
  3. New features with iOS 17: Expect features like Adaptive Audio, Conversation Detection, and Custom Volume. And, of course, there are other goodies coming with iOS 17.


Apple definitely cares about our planet.

Gli AirPods Pro New generation models are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment.

They use recycled materials and are free of hazardous substances.

What about the packaging? Less plastic and more fibers.

Good Apple!


Gli AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with MagSafe charging case (USB-C) will be available at a price of €279.

And if you're wondering about EarPods (USB‑C), they can be ordered today for $19.


Apple has taken another step forward with these new AirPods Pro.

But the real question is: will you buy them? 😉

I just got the Lightning version... 🤬

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