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6 New Must-Have Features for AirPods Pro with the iOS 17 Update! Unmissable!

AirPods Pro + iOS 17 = Dizzying Update! πŸŽ§πŸš€

In short:

  1. Adaptive Audio: Dynamic optimization between Transparency and Noise Cancellation modes.
  2. Conversation recognition: Lower the volume automatically when someone talks to you.
  3. Custom Volume: Machine learning to personalize the listening experience.
  4. Mute controls: Finally, an integrated mute function thanks to iOS 17.
  5. Fast Switching Between Devices: Faster connection between Apple devices.
  6. Hey Siri Renewed: Activate Siri more easily and give more commands quickly.

Buy now the AirPods Pro and get ready for a revolutionary audio experience! 🎢🎧



Let's dive deeper.

So come on, did you hear the last one?

iOS 17 is coming, and with it a nice pack of updates for your loved ones AirPods Pro second-generation.

Well yes, not only will you have a flat iPhone, but also some Super tech ears. Let's get ready to dive into this mix of novelty, humor and, why not, some technical details! You can also take them to Hogwarts.

And now, let's dive in.

Six Top Things That Will Change With iOS 17

Adaptive Audio

Do you remember it when Apple launched AirPods Pro with that story of 'Adaptive Transparency'? Well, now they're pushing the concept even further. We're talking about Adaptive Audio, a sort of superpower that combines Transparency and Noise Cancellation.

Conversation recognition

Imagine being immersed in your favorite song and someone starts talking to you. Gli AirPods Pro Now they know when someone is talking to you and they turn down the volume.

Custom Volume

This is like having a personal DJ. Over time, Does your iPhone understand at what volume you like to listen to music and adapts it for you.

Mute controls

Yeah, I know, it's crazy huh? Gli AirPods Pro they didn't have a mute function. But with iOS 17, all you need to do is push and... shut up, Siri!

Fast Switching Between Devices

For everyone who complained about the slow switch between devices, Apple said: β€œOk, cool, we got it!”.

Hey Siri

Tired of shouting 'Hey Siri' every time? With iOS 17, you can only say 'Siri'. Speaking human finally lmao.


So, boys and girls, an autumn full of updates and surprises is expected. And if you first thought that yours AirPods Pro they were cool, well, just wait until we see what iOS 17 can do.

And now, the choice is yours! πŸ˜‰πŸš€

(Obviously I bought them, Adaptive Audio is a game changer)



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