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Creative Revolution: Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro arrive on iPad Pro!

Video and Music Editing Goes Portable

In short:

  • Apple afferma il dominio nell'editing mobile: L'arrivo di Final Cut Pro e Logic Pro su iPad Pro segna una svolta significativa nel mondo dell'editing video e audio mobile.
  • Abbonamento mensile o annuale disponibile: Dal 23 maggio, gli utenti potranno abbonarsi a Final Cut Pro e Logic Pro su base mensile o annuale, con un mese di prova gratuita.
  • Compatibilità specifica: Final Cut Pro sarà disponibile sugli iPad Pro con chip M1 o successivi, mentre Logic Pro richiederà almeno un chip A12 Bionic. Entrambe le app richiederanno iPadOS 16.4 o successivi.
  • Final Cut Pro su iPad Pro: Offre un insieme completo di strumenti di editing video, dalla registrazione alla condivisione, con caratteristiche innovative come la Live Drawing con l'Apple Pencil e la modalità Pro camera.
  • Logic Pro su iPad Pro: Fornisce un laboratorio sonoro completo con una vasta gamma di strumenti musicali potenti e versatili, rendendo la registrazione e l'editing audio più accessibili e portatili che mai.
  • Cambio di gioco per i creatori di contenuti: L'introduzione di queste due app potrebbe rivoluzionare il modo in cui i creatori di video e musica lavorano, offrendo loro strumenti professionali direttamente sul loro iPad Pro.

Let's dive deeper.

Attention, creatives: Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to iPad Pro! This revolutionary innovation from Apple promises to radically change the landscape of video editing and music production.

Let's discover together the details of this incredible innovation and how it could affect everyone's workflow.

And don't forget, to experience this revolution to the fullest, you'll need your trust iPad Pro.”

The only trouble, They will be subscribed on a monthly or annual basis.

This video is so crazy:

Ready to revolutionize the way you use iPad?

Apple decided to play early, shooting the news of the arrival on iPad Pro of two of his workhorses: Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Starting May 23, we will be able to subscribe monthly or annually, with a free one-month trial on board. But the question is: will they live up to expectations?

Final Cut Pro, our beloved video editing software, will be showcased on iPad Pro with M1 chip or later models.

Logic Pro, on the other hand, plays the accessibility card, coming to iPad Pro with A12 Bionic chips or later. Both, of course, are asking for iPadOS 16.4 or newer versions as a dowry.

An Extra Weapon for Videomakers

Final Cut Pro for iPad Pro is proposed as a real Swiss Army knife for video creators. Between recording, editing, finishing and sharing, there's everything you need. With the new multi-touch interface with jog wheel, assembly becomes child's play. What about the 'Live Drawing' with the Apple Pencil? I'd say that's a nice plus, right?

Let's not forget the Pro camera mode, which offers obsessive control over the creation process. From video recording in ProRes, to monitoring audio and available recording time, to manual settings for focus, exposure and white balance. Not bad, right?

And then there's machine learning. “Scene Removal Mask” allows you to quickly remove or replace backgrounds behind a subject in a clip without using a green screen.

What about Auto Crop? Adjust the movie for vertical, square, or other aspect ratios, while voice isolation eliminates the background noise of a clip's audio. One has to ask: what can't he do?

Portable Recording Studio

Logic Pro for iPad Pro It puts on the plate a winning combination: the power of Logic Pro and the portability ofiPad Pro. Not only that, thanks to Multi-Touch gestures, playing software instruments and interacting with the controls becomes child's play.

Users can capture vocal or instrumental recordings thanks to the microphones integrated on theiPad Pro. And let's not forget the ability to make precision adjustments and draw detailed track automation with Apple Pencil.

And then there's a range of powerful and versatile musical instruments available. Think Sample Alchemy, a new sampled sound manipulation tool, or Beat Breaker, which allows music creators to radically reshape and mix sounds. Quick Sampler can transform audio samples into completely new instruments, and Step Sequencer allows you to program drum models, bass lines, and melodies with just a few taps.

But that's not all: Drum Machine Designer allows the creation of customized drum kits, and with Live Loops, users can quickly build arrangements by mixing and matching musical loops. In short, Logic Pro for iPad Pro it's not just music production software, it's a real sound lab in your pocket.

Device compatibility with Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro

The question we ask ourselves is: on which devices will I be able to use Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro?

Well, both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro have been designed to work with a range of devices iPad Pro. But remember, both apps require iPadOS 16.4 or higher to work properly. So, before downloading these apps, make sure your device is updated to the latest version of the operating system.

Recommended compatible devices:






A quantum leap for creativity on iPad

The arrival of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPad Pro marks a turning point for creativity on iPad Pro. These apps offer a series of powerful and intuitive tools that can truly revolutionize the way content creators work.

With Final Cut Pro for iPad Pro, video makers will have everything they need at their disposal, from powerful editing tools to the vast library of professional graphics, effects and audio. Logic Pro for iPad Pro, for its part, acts like a real portable recording studio, with a series of powerful and versatile musical instruments.

If you are a fan of technology and creativity, don't miss the opportunity to try these new applications.

May Apple be with you.

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